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Researcher Misconduct Related To Quantitative Research (Essay Sample)


Ethics in Quantitative Analysis

As this week’s introduction suggested, ethical questions sometimes arise in research and data analysis. These ethical questions can have wide-ranging consequences for the researcher, the field of criminal justice, and for the populations that might be affected by decisions based on this research. Thus, knowledge of how to make ethical decisions when faced with challenging research situations and how to scrutinize the research findings of others for ethical pitfalls are important skills to have.

For this Discussion, consider potential examples of researcher misconduct related to quantitative research. Think about why these examples may occur and how they may be prevented. Finally, consider how you would define what it means to be an ethical researcher and why this is important.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 an example of an unethical behavior related to quantitative research. Explain why this situation may occur and how it could be prevented. Finally, explain what it means to you to be an ethical researcher and why this is important.


Ethics in Quantitative Analysis
Researcher misconduct related to quantitative research
Researcher misconduct in quantitative studies is likely to occur in both the experimental and non experimental research ethical issues in the studies is mostly related to protecting study participants who may receive an intervention. When the study participants consent to participate in a study, the researcher should provide information that helps them make informed decisions (Robinson, 2014). Since self-disclosure facilitates the research, the researchers have to understand the personal choices that the participants make, when they are willing to disclose personal information that is not t

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