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Ethics and Investigations Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


If you are currently working in an agency that conducts investigations, locate the ethical principles that guide this process for your organization. Share them with the professor. Critically evaluate what you have found. Do the ethical standards of your organization give adequate guidance to you as a professional? How might they be improved? Share an example (with names and important identifying information changed) of a time when ethical contradictions became apparent in an investigation in your agency. Share enough details that the instructor can "picture" the issues involved.
If you do not currently work in an investigative agency (or just want to do this assignment instead of one regarding your agency) watch a popular TV show or movie that features realistic investigations...Law and Order (SVU or Criminal Intent) is a good example. Another appropriate U.S. show may be CSI (any of them).
As you watch the show, look for various ethical dilemmas discussed in your readings that are faced by the main characters. Write a brief synopsis of the plot, noting where ethical dilemmas occurred, if they were resolved and if so, how they were resolved, and how you feel they should have been resolved.


Ethics and Investigations
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Ethics and Investigations
During criminal investigations, ethical reasoning helps address any dilemmas that may arise. The investigators are professionally obliged to observe principles such as justice in their work to yield the expected results. The failure by the investigators to observe ethical principles could result in faulty or inaccurate results. The findings of criminal investigations do not only affect the victim and the perpetrator, but also their families and the entire community. Through the findings, the judge makes informed decisions that in some cases aim at crime deterrence. Therefore, the accuracy of criminal investigations findings is imperative. Like any other job, detectives and other professionals investigating crimes face the challenge of making decisions involving two competing interests. The ethical dilemma that the professionals experience can easily be resolved by the application of ethical principles.

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