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Epistemology and Advertising (Essay Sample)

What do you believe is the relationship between reason and the passions (desires) in an understanding of practical reasoning? Discuss with reference to David Hume and/or Aristotle. Discuss whether one (or both) of these authors have any useful application to an understanding of practical reason (e.g. about policy development, about negotiation, about persuasion, about methods of introducing change and/or development etc.) within your primary field of study *** My primary field of study is Advertising *** source..
Running Head: Epistemology
Epistemology and Advertising
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Epistemology and Advertising
Table of contents
Epistemology and Advertising -----------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Hume`s Epistemology ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Aristotle`s Epistemology ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5
Discussion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
References ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
Epistemology and Advertising
Epistemology is a branch of science that deals in the study of knowledge. It aims at establishing limitations and nature of knowledge. In addition, it addresses
* What knowledge is?
* How one can acquire knowledge?
* Why people know what they know?
Epistemology deals primarily with the character of knowledge. This is then used to show the connection between knowledge and some other aspects of life such as belief, truth, and justification. Several authors have written the on the field as they try to establish how people believe in things that they do believe in. it is of paramount importance to note that the field has been used by different authors in different subjects. It is applied in physics as a way of understanding quantum physics while in philosophy it studies knowledge. Moreover, the subject is applied in ethics as a tool of understanding and prescribing conduct. In politics, epistemology shows people how to deal with one another. Answers to queries concerning taste and beauty are covered in aesthetics through epistemology.
Hume`s Epistemology
David Hume in his book, A Treatise of Human Nature divides epistemology into four theses as he shows how people acquire knowledge. These theses are
* Passions are the main things that control the reasoning of a person. He once said, "Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions" (Hume, 1978, 415). One does not use reason alone to have the will of something but to a certain extent passion controls what most people tend to do. This means that a person`s desire to do something is controlled by something from within but not what that person is going to achieve after doing that thing.
* The second thesis is that distinctions of morals do not come from reason. People do a certain thing because they believe that is the right thing to do that but they do not base their acts on reason.
* Approval feelings, which can be derived from praise ...
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