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505-d1: How To Apply Epidemiological Findings In My Practice (Essay Sample)


505-d1Instruction: Task 1. Page 1(1page) APA 6th edition format. Need 3 referencesShare a bit about yourself, your nursing experiences and background. At this point in your career, how do you feel that epidemiology has affected your nursing practice.
Task 2. Page 2(1page) APA 6th edition format. Need 3 references Clinical EpidemiologyRead the first three chapters in the text by Fletcher. Explore the CDC site, National Center for Health Statistics at This site’s information is largely gleaned from epidemiological studies and data collections.Discuss epidemiology as the scientific basis for clinical medicine and guideline development. Explain some types of data, performance measurements and possible reasons for variations in data. Next share a bit of information or statistic you learn from reviewing the National Center for Health Statistics site.Please review the Discussion Board Participation grading rubric under Course Resources in the Grading Rubrics section.


Task 1.
Having been a practicing nurse for five years, I have gained knowledge on how to apply epidemiological findings in my practice. By working in different health care facilities, I understand the dynamic nature diseases. Epidemiology research findings provide direction on how to handle patients with various health problems, especially among the population I serve. As a nurse, my role has been to reduce the overall risk of infection by focusing on prevention measures and infection control (Eeles et al., 2014).
Using epidemiology information, I am able to assess risk factors among patients with age, gender, and ethnic background. Some of these factors are important in assessing the cause of certain infections (Eeles et al., 2014). Epidemiology focus on prevention of disease from spreading, my work includes promoting overall public health while treating patients by protecting them from contracting infectious diseases (Fletcher, Fletcher & Wagner, 1996).
Reaching out to the public to educate them, requires good communication skills to educate people on prevention and the need to take precaution. When dealing with infections, I need to be detailed oriented to identify potential risk areas and learn more about the dynamic nature of infection (Fletcher, Fletcher & Wagner, 1996). Part of my daily routine involves coordination of care services within the facility, and in the community, ensuring that patients, including their families are aware of the imp

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