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Energy as a future energy source. Nuclear Energy. Biomass Energy (Essay Sample)


Since ENV 100-11D is a writing-intensive course, an important component of the course is a five-page, double-spaced “research paper.”  Students will be choose one of the forms of energy discussed in the “Nonrenewable Energy” and “Renewable Energy” chapters in a “Changing Planet” and write a research paper focused on the efficacy of using that form of energy as a future energy source. 
Information from “A Changing Planet” may be used for background information on the student’s chosen form of energy, but students are expected to use at least four additional, scholarly resources as sources for their research paper. By scholarly resource, I mean journal articles and textbooks that have been peer reviewed (i.e., reviewed by other scholars for accuracy). Peer reviewed textbooks and journal articles typically have a list of references at their end. Articles in popular magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc.), Wikipedia, videos, newspapers, websites, etc. are not considered scholarly resources.
Students will submit two drafts of the paper: a complete first draft and then a final draft of the research paper.  Due dates for the two drafts are shown on the course schedule/calendar on Canvas.  Due dates are firm.  If the due date for the first-draft is missed, for whatever reason, a student’s final grade for the paper will be lowered by 10% for every day that the first-draft is late. Final drafts will not be accepted – for any reason – after the due date for the final draft.
oEach draft of the semester paper will be carefully reviewed and commented-on.  On each phase (draft) of the semester paper students will be provided with instruction and coaching in the following areas: command of the subject matter, clarity, organization, correctness, and effectiveness of expression.

oThe final grade for the paper will reflect an assessment of both the overall quality of the paper, and improvement in a student’s writing.  The semester paper is worth 20% of your grade in the course. Your paper when completed should be approximately five pages in length (excluding figures and bibliography, etc.).  It must be double-spaced, with a font size of 12, and you may use either the "Courier,” "Times New Roman,” or "Arial" font type. 
oWith respect to referencing your sources -- you are to use the referencing style prescribed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), which is available in the reference section of the Jackson Library. (Click here to view a quick reference sheet on the APA Manual.)


Energy as a Future Energy Source
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Energy as a Future Energy Source
There ae various sources of energy that occurs naturally, and are classified into two distinct categories: non-renewable and renewable. Non-renewable energy includes coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear, which are in limited supplies. This kind of sources are referred to as non-renewable because they cannot be replenished and are available in scarcity. In addition, non-renewable sources are typically found in the underground layers of the earth and very costly to harvest. On the other hand, renewable energy refers to sources that are replenished by the environment regularly. Renewable sources are preferable to use because they tend to renew within a short period of time, hence reliable and sustainable.  

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