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Eliza Treatment Plan PCfi-610 (KN-610-O101) Diagnostic (Essay Sample)


This is Eliza treatment plan according to her intake assessment which you all did. there are three questions to answer what theory would be used and why, a discription of how you would address any mental health medical legal and substance use issues and so on it is all in the instructions and other things you will need acfcording to the last assessment that you all did. This treatment plan is based on Eliza assessment I send you two copies of the instructions because one copy is clear than the other.


Eliza Treatment Plan
PCfi-610 (KN-610-O101) Diagnostic
Counseling theory
The counseling theories are essential as they are the methods that are utilized to help the individuals who seek the services of counselors or therapists. Understanding the different theories will help me to explore the best ways to assist Eliza to improve her mental well-being. The cognitive theory is one of the most used approaches to resolve abnormal behavior, where there is emphasis on understanding beliefs, attitudes and assumptions. The evaluation and assessment of the client

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