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Terror On High Seas: Disturbing Rise in Pirate Attacks (Essay Sample)

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Terror On High Seas: Disturbing Rise in Pirate Attacks
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Modern sea pirates are on the rise. However, contrary to customary beliefs that they only rob sea vessels, recent maritime piracy incidences have extended to more violent casualties. Moreover, besides the typical hostility towards the crew and/or passengers of the vessel, their effect has taken toll over economic boundaries, particularly involving maritime trade, insofar as it affects at a global-scale. Pirate attacks are most common near countries suffering from challenging circumstances which usually stems from dubious political administration. The most prominent in the list of enduring pirate territories is of Somalia where economic progress is slow. Therefore, social disorganization and desperation are the common roots for piracy. This study then aims to explore the complications involved with the upsurge of piracy in the 21st century; in particular, the articulate process involved and its significant impact over maritime transactions. The research encompasses gathering statistics and reports of recent pirate incidences as well as analyzing the pirates` most common to the most scrupulous course of action. This research then concludes by depicting the probable future of piracy throughout the world in reference to anti-piracy programs launched by various international statutory organizations.
Terror On High Seas: Disturbing Rise in Pirate Attacks
Not surprisingly, when the term "piracy" is mentioned, the first impression that comes to mind is Black Beard, mermaid ships, men with wooden legs or eye-patches or a hook for hand, and so on. However, in its literal sense, piracy stands for violence on the high seas CITATION Ali04 \l 1033 (Koknar, 2004); correspondingly, pirates are referred to as bandits at sea. The idea of pirates existing today for real is rather incredulous; after all, it is quite bizarre to find pirates in the 21st century where its very concept appears to apply only in fairytales. Nevertheless, recent reports have reached such an alarming rate and more importantly, increased casualties that it has been pronounced as a serious threat to global concerns; for instance, the economic burden resulting from these attacks.
Though piracy has been understood for the most part as simply violent encounters in the sea, it doesn`t necessarily stop there. Therefore, to make clear, the International Marine Bureau defines piracy as "an act of boarding (or attempted boarding) with the intent to commit theft or any other crime and with the intent or capability to use force in furtherance of that act;. However, despite this clarification, piracy is still often compared to maritime terrorism; in point of fact, both are considerably different from one another in that maritime terrorism in itself is "the use or threat of violence against a ship (civilian as well as military), its passengers or sailors, ca...
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