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4-1 & 4-2 My Post: Effective Brief Intervention (Essay Sample)


on question 4-1 please make 150 words on question 4-2 make 125 words. I need in text citation and a reference page all reference must be schollary
need in 10 days. I will send you chapter 4 and other articles that goes with this assignment later today.


4-1 & 4-2 My Post
4-1 & 4-2 my post.
4-1: Brief interventions are an ideal model used in rehabilitation programs for those who suffer from substance abuse. Brief interventions involve a variety of approaches to both unstructured counseling and structured counseling and feedbacks. Brief interventions are ideal because its time bound, structured and directed towards a specific goal (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014). Brief interventions motivate particular behavioral change in each stage, therefore understanding each stage help counselors help patients accept their current position (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014).
Effective brief intervention assesses clients stage readiness plan a corresponding strategy to assist her progress to the next stage. Brief intervention can help initiate change and maintain the desired behavior, hence preventing clients from relapsing (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014). Brief intervention is ideal, especially during the action stage because it motivates patients to be on the right track to implement the personal decision made during the earlier stages (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014).
4-2 : Some of the risk factors that hinder recovery from substance use disorder include low levels of commitment to treatment of clients. Some clients at times feel as if they are being pushed towards change they are likely to resist (Stevens, Smith & Reiner, 2009). Denial is an innate characteristic of drug addicts, when counselors press clients to accept that substance use is the source of their problems clients might resist. Since decision making responsibility is in the hands of clients, resistance might hinder the recovery process (Stevens, Smith & Reiner, 2009).
Clients might be unwilling to participate in specialized substance treatment programs within specific places due to the stigma associated with the institution. In some treatment programs where clien...
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