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ECS 110 Chapter 4 Assignment: Nations and Nationalism (Essay Sample)


This week, please share a question or comment you have about the material in this chapter. The post should aim to engage with your classmates and the chapter material around the theme of nation and nationalism. It should not simply be your opinion be should grounded in specific material from the chapter. Possible ideas for posts:
your response to one of the questions or quotes I have posted as part of this week's chapter content
a quote from one of the readings that challenged you and your thoughts on it
a connection to between this weeks content and previous readings
a connection from chapter content (including readings) to something in your personal experience
In addition to your initial post, please respond to at least two of your classmates posts.


Nations and Nationalism
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Nations and Nationalism
Nationalism is considered to be a discourse that defines a group of people as a nation and constructs an identity and sense of belongingness for them. It is associated with the idea of statehood as something that must be earned and maintained. This idea has been the center of discussion for many nationalists and was the cause of violence in the 20th century. Very few people do escape nationalist ideas and those who do not escape, these ideas become part of their daily lives.
The two types of nationalism is what differentiates the nations from each other. Civic nationalisms like America are based on shared political principles and values while ethnic nationalism like Britain is based on shared heritage, language and traditions. The former encourages cultural diversity where all people are seen as equal while the latter segregates people from different cultures. In addressing nationalism of a country, one should ask "What are the values of that country?"
Encouraging ethnic nationalism encourages racism where a certain group of people are treated as minorities. The privileged get furious because they think their privileges are being taken b...
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