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Economic implications of rising cost of production in China (Essay Sample)

Chinese wages are rising, possibly leading to increased prices of the country's exported goods. For decades, plentiful Chinese labor kept down the cost of a range of goods bought by Americans. Even as some accused China of hollowing out the American manufacturing sector, cheap DVD players, sweaters, and barbecue sets were a silver lining for consumers who grew accustomed to ever-lower prices. Examine these trends and write a short paper discussing the following: -What might the likely effect be for the world economy and particularly the United States economy if prices of all goods from China increased? -How might this affect your disposable income? Compose your paper in 1–2 pages, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Include at least one resource in addition to the textbook. Be sure to cite appropriately and include a reference page for all resources used. Include the title source..

Economic implications of rising cost of production in China
Economic implications of rising cost of production in China
The economies of most countries are interdependent. Countries mainly export what is not produced locally and export what they produce in surpluses. When the world prices are lower compared to domestic prices, it becomes more economical for consumers to import goods even if they are produced locally. The latter also gives domestic producers incentive to improve on quality of the products they produce CITATION Noe10 \l 1033 (Merino, 2010). China is a major producer and exporter of a variety of commodities especially to the US. High labor supply in China has enabled them to produce commodities at a relatively lower cost than other world nations. For this reason, their commodities have dominated the world market for a very long time. This has had its advantages and disadvantages unto the US economy. The rise of these commodity prices definitely affects the US economy in one way or another and impacts on the disposable income of the country`s citizens. American consu...
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