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Earth Problem Of Overpopulation: Causes (Essay Sample)


What solutions are there to the problem of overpopulation?


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The state where there is a rise of the human population, that exceeds the carrying capacity of the given ecological settings of a place, is referred to as overpopulation. When there is overpopulation, the number of human beings exceeds the essential resources available that allow for comfortable survival, for example; food, shelter, water and social amenities. This has the effect of causing a big decline in life's quality.
Previously, the population growth was slow, even if the birth rates were high, it was slow due to factors like; drought, plagues, other many diseases, and war. But in the 19th century, the world population has tremendously increased.
Causes of there being a state of overpopulation include the following. There is a declining death rate. For a population to stabilize, the number of adults that die each year should be equal to the number of children born each year. An imbalance of the two causes overpopulation.
There are better medical facilities and even better medical discoveries, so a lot of the diseases that people used to die off, are now curable and thus people are able to live even longer. Due to poverty, there is a psychological component whereby, there is a need to overcome poverty by there being more hands, and this mainly did affect those that lived in poverty. They would have high birth rates so as to compensate for the high rate of infant mortality.
This is especially true for those families which have been through events like natural calamities, disasters, and poverty. There is also a technological advancement especially in the treatment of infertility. This has greatly enabled those couples who would previously not have been able to conceive, are now able to and the pregnancies are by far even safer than before.
There is also the issue of immigration. This is where people usually want to live in places, where the facilities are the best, especially in terms of factors like; education, medical, employment among others which makes life living there to be more comfortable. Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America are considered to be such places where facilities are in excellent conditions.
When the immigrants settle, it now creates the problem of overcrowding. This increases the demand for clothes, food, energy and even homes. This has the effect of causing shortages, which may be quite significant depending on the number of immigrants who settle there.
Lack of family planning, especially in the developing countries due to illiteracy, getting married and having children at an early age, will usually lead to overpopulation. The lack of good quality education makes such people avoid family planning interventions due to illiteracy as they may not be able

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