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Early Modern Philosophy: Meditation Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose one of the prompts to write on and follow the instructions. Remember that Before the essay is due, you will submit a portion of your essay for peer review. (Before February 3)
What you will submit is an in-progress version of the second part of your paper –
the part of the paper where you object to Descartes. It should be at least 100 words long. Contact me if there is anything you need.


An Analysis of Descartes’ Philosophy
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The main reason why Descartes oppose his opinions is to remove the very foundation of all his previous beliefs so he could explore the scientific and mathematical world in a blank state by eradicating the deceit that governs his mind. It is despite knowing that not all of his former beliefs are incorrect or doubtful.
In the following statement, we shall analyze the specifics of how Descartes doubts his opinions. The first two statements revolve around what he thinks can be subjected to skepticism. Firstly, Descartes objects to the concept of hopefulness. Formerly, he supported that hopefulness is the attitude driven by instinct. However, he despises himself if he continued believing this. He stated that how can someone believe that he is a king when he is a pauper? For Descartes, it is unfathomable due to a lack of logic. However, he doubts his belief because, in reality, he dreams of the same things at night, and sometimes, he imagines the more improbable situations, such as dreaming as if he were wearing a dressing-gown while he lays in bed undressed CITATION Des17 \l 13321 (Descartes, 2017).

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