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Immanuel Kant - Duty and Reason - The Categorical (Essay Sample)

I would like the same writer that wrote my most recent piece on Plato and Aristotle I am looking for a paper to answer and analyze the following on Immanuel Kant - Duty and Reason - The Categorical 1. What is non-consequentialism? 2. Define the following terms as they apply to Kant's ethical theory: reason, good will, duty, freedom, the hypothetical imperative. 3. What are the two forms of Kant's categorical imperative? 4. What does Kant mean by being an end in itself? source..

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Duty and Reason - The Categorical
There are discussions by philosophers concerning the possibility of existence of right and wrong, where the issue of morality and ethical decision making is predominant in studies of human conduct. The question of moral existence has been offered throughout centuries by various theories, and Immanuel Kant, a great idealist philosopher has given considerable thought with respect to the question. According to Kant’s argument, there is a special place by which humans occupy in the creation, and morality can be summed up to an ultimate commandment of reason from which all obligations derives. In his definition of imperative, he declares it as an imperative proposition that a certain action is necessary (White, 2008). He believes that the moral duty can be formulated in a single rule, the categorical imperative where duties are derived. However, there are various versions and two of them seem distinct, but the supreme rule is considering the nature of good will and duty. The grounding of metaphysic of morals constructs the moral philosophy that fits the conception of reason, which gives human room for freedom on willful actions and self-imposed actions. He sees nature as a necessity determined by the law of nature (Kant, 1996).
Therefore, humans are part of the physical universe, and the world of phenomenon determined by nature and overview of man is self governing subject that belong to the sphere of end. The determining necessity of nature, the autonomy and freedom of will arise from languages of reason, where freedom attributed to will contradict the necessity of nature, but freedom is possible to make use of reason in human conduct. Reason determines the principle separate from the empirical experiences where ends are determined as moral (Kant, 1938). Therefore, the fundamental principle of moral reason is the categorical imperative, which in the process of determining duties with reference to the empirical contingent factors, where Kant’s meta-ethical position is objective, rather than subjective.
Reason, according to Kant is can not only be fulfilled through the assumptions of empirical observation can not support. This is because the metaphysics of things is mastery due to spatiotemporal constraints of sensibility. The limits transcendental structures constraints reason putting it at odd with itself, although, it seeks complete knowledge beyond the limits. There is unavoidable interest of thinking reason as free, as there is no demonstration of theoretical freedom, but reason assumes the purpose of action (Kant, 1938). Therefore, the ability of making judgment and employing reason...
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