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Drug abuse and drug overdose (Opium). Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Dear Writer,
This assignment requires you to analyze my topic which I already have my topic picked and wrote about it so I will be attaching you that paper. you will need to write two pages on this regarding about the analyzes of my topic which is drug abuse and drug overdose (Opium/opioid). I will be attaching you the guidelines and rubric of this assignment as well along with my paper of the topic. please review the guidelines and my topic paper before you start on it so you will have an idea on how to do this assignment. you will need to only focus on the history and humanities analyzes section only. I know I have a lot more in my topic paper but just focus on those two like it is explained in the guidelines and rubric. please make sure that it is plagiarism free as well, and use APA style and have references. if you have any questions let me know.
I know that you have done excellent from my prior orders that you have done and you do an amazing job with this so keep on the good work. Also more work will be on your way in the next few days looking forward to working with you. :).


Opioid: Drug Abuse and Drug Overdose
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Introduction to Drug Abuse and Overdose
For most people, it is difficult to understand why a person uncontrollably succumbs to drug abuse and addiction since, in contemporary society, these concepts are linked to immorality or the lack of willpower. In reality, addiction is a chronic disease that is a result of a reduced reward circuit due to the initial then continuous voluntary use of the drug. This leads to relapses which are mainly the cause of drug overdose (NIDA, 2020). This paper analyzes opioid addiction and overdose in the history and humanities lenses to discover the differences in the approaches of various experts, including the laymen.

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