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From the documentary film "Love and Diane". Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


 Double-spaced, written in APA style with a reference page attached, and draw on at least 7 of the readings. Please cite these readings within your response to each question. An introduction and conclusion are not required; please answer each question using headings (ie “Question 1, Question 2).

From the documentary “Love and Diane” analyze it clinically, programmatically, and systemically. Choose one character in the film to focus on and discuss the following:1. Discuss who the character is ( I picked Diane) and the briefly present demographic factors for this character/family composition. 2. Briefly describe what circumstances brought the character of focus to the attention of the child welfare system. (Be sure to focus on the character of focus specifically!)3. Analyze the range of risk and protective factors in the case (individual, family, and environmental) and discuss their interaction. (Be sure to include any clinical observations.)Here some clarification. You would analyze the risk factor for that character/case. By "case," I mean the case as far as the character you are focusing on (Diane).  That’s your clinical “case” since this is sort of a case study, even though it is a person/character in a documentary.  ("Case" DOES NOT mean child welfare case in this question.) So for example, if you were doing a psychosocial and your "case" or "character" was Diane, what would her risk/protective factors be? You'd analyze those. Think broadly! For example, if the case is Diane, your thinking would be something like this (but written out and EXPLAINED in detail-- don't just list!):Risk factors:Individual— what are Diane’s individualized risk factors? For example, substance abuse, Mental health/depression, teen parenthood, lack of education, child welfare involvement as both a child  & adult, etc  poverty loss & bereavement etc... Family: history of family separation, intergenerational family substance abuse, etc... Environment: neighborhood, poverty, housing, etc..... Protective factors: just think of the general protective factors (family bond among her & her children, religion, etc)  and you can say which ones are individual/family/environmental but I would like for you to think broadly! there are others for Diane, so I expect to see other examples of risk/protective factors if you choose to focus on Diane... 
4. Describe the various systems that were accessed.  A. What systemic barriers were there, and what/how did the individual navigate those barriers, if they did? B. Did the systems and the individuals who represented those systems positively or negatively engage the individual/family and treat him/her/them in a respectful, strengths-based manner? (Cite examples.) 5. What interventions were made? (Hint: think macro-- look at number 4 and for every system noted, there likely should be some sort of intervention, be it "clinical" or a "concrete" service!)
6. How did race, culture, class, gender, health status, and/or poverty impact the decisions and interventions that were made?
7. To what degree did decision making lie with the client vs the state? Were there others with decision-making power?  (Hint: you should then reflect upon each system that was listed in #4 and go through each, citing and discussing where the decision making power in each system that you mentioned in #4 was!)
8. Results/outcomes of the intervention: Did the intervention(s) meet the goals of the intervening system? The family? In what ways was the individual (or members of the family) hurt by the intervention?  (Hint: look at #5 and cover each intervention as far as the question being posed in question #8!)
9. Are there gaps in services in the community—services which, had they been available, might have been more effective in addressing the risk factors for the child/family? What recommendations would you make for additional/alternative interventions for this individual? (Think macro level! Maybe even research in the literature what services/programs are available for the individual of focus and mention those.)
from the documentary film "Love and Diane"


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Question 1
Diane is one of the main actresses of the documentary. She is a mother of six children. However, she was carried away in the world of drugs to the point that challenged her parenting skills. At some point, her daughter Love, tells their teacher that her five siblings and she often go without eating. Besides, Diane is also affected by poverty, which makes it challenging for her to cater to her children. During those troubling years, Diane is unable to perform her parenting duties. As a result, her children spent time in various foster care homes. However, Diane takes the initiative of quitting drugs and makes efforts to reunite her family again. Diane's happiness of having her family back is challenged by the gaps and separation, which makes her children feel like they do not know their mother. In addition, Diane's oldest daughter has turned eighteen years, has HIV, and is a single mother. Love has started to neglect her baby. Such an act breaks Diane's feelings, which results in her flashbacking on her childhood. She was abandoned when she was a child. Therefore, Diane has a grandchild who is not only being neglected by her mother, but their HIV status would be known soon. 

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