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Do You Have To Choose Between Happiness And Economic Growth? (Essay Sample)


Do you have to choose between happiness/sustainability and economic growth?
a. Watch: TED Talk on how Bhutan is a carbon negative country
b. Watch documentary “Bhutan: Height of Happiness” 
Bhutan had resisted foreign technologies and preferred to focus on “happiness” rather than “economic growth”. Why and how do they focus on a happiness index? Do you think they can keep their peaceful existence? Or should they focus more on economic growth and increasing GDP?


Do you have to choose between Happiness and Economic Growth?
Do you have to choose between Happiness and Economic Growth?
The world is currently facing the adverse effects of climate change as witnessed with the rising temperatures across different countries and regions and the increasing occurrence of natural fires. Though the causes behind the fires burning down forests in California and even the beautiful indigenous landscapes of the Amazon are turning out to be disputable, there is no denying that climate change is at the center of the rising cases of natural fires around the globe. Consequently, leaders from different countries and across the economic divide are engaging each other with increased urgency as they seek to come up with lasting solutions or at least effective interventional measures to curb the unprecedented negative effects of climate change. However, such forums are often characteristic of blame games with the developed countries trading accusations as to whom carries or rather should bear the biggest responsibility. The United States and China, for instance, always tend to point fingers at each other as they blame their production activities to be the highest in carbon dioxide emission. One of the key takeaways from the climate change forums such as the Climate Change Summit in Paris is the fact that most of the developing countries are reluctant to forfeit their economic growth objectives for sustainability production and development. The government of Bhutan comes out as one of the countries to take the bold step and seek sustainability and happiness for its citizens over the Kingdom’s economic growth objectives. Provided herein is an overview of why and how Bhutan maintains its focus on happiness or sustainability over the economic growth objectives and whether or not it is a step in the right direction.
Bhutan shares its borders with China and India, which are two of the most populous countries in the world. The air pollution indices for the two countries are so high that inhabitants of some of the cities have to wear dust masks to avoid inhaling the gaseous particles emitted by the various production activities. Bhutan, on the other hand, resisted foreign technologies responsible for increased car

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