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Make Research and Discussion Response: Same Sex Marriage (Essay Sample)


First read topic: pros and cons of same sex marriage
Then read my response to topic: Same-sex marriage is marriage between people of the same gender. Same-sex marriage is a contentious topic that presents a myriad of pros that support the marriage and drawbacks that oppose the marriage. The United States joined other nations that have legalized same-sex marriage in the year 2015, when the United States highest court abolished all state bans on same-sex marriage.
Same-sex marriage is argued to reduce the divorce rate. Research shows that the United States reports higher divorce rates among married couples due to failure of getting children and being incompatible. Consequently, same-sex marriage is viewed to reduce divorce rates, since getting children is not part of their plans. The increase in youth suicide is argued to be caused by children being bullied at school due to their sexual orientation. Hence, acceptance of same-sex marriage will confirm to children that homosexuality is allowed in the society. Finally, same-sex marriages increase the number of adopted children. Since, people in same-sex marriage cannot get children; this will result in many children getting caring parents and families.
On the other hand, a same-sex marriage is argued to deteriorate the marriage institution. Same-sex marriage is depicted as not supporting procreation and might puzzle the future generation of Americans about the function and significance of marriage institution. Children raised by married couples have higher self-esteem and ethical values resulting from good parenting. However, children raised in a same-sex marriage are likely to suffer from low self-esteem and miss emotional security and advice benefitted by children of married couples. Moreover, same-sex marriage cannot get children, therefore going against the marriage reflection necessity of opposite union for procreation.
then my peers: 
The pros and cons of same sex marriage:
1. Homosexuals have a partner that enjoys the same sexual lifestyle as they do. They can be sexually satisfied in their relationship, while openly expressing their feelings.
2. They can be permitted to be with their partner during times of medical emergency or death.
3. They can receive spousal benefits if their partner passes away, that will be beneficial to their quality of life in the future.
4. They can endure the pressures of society's indifference of their relationship together, and not alone.
5. In some states they can adopt and raise a family together.
6. In their home life, they share responsibilities that relate more to their male or female role in the relationship.
7. They share companionship, understanding, support, and finances, making their quality of life more rewarding.
1. They can be viewed negatively by members of society, and endure the consequences of those beliefs.
2. They may not be able to associate with heterosexual couples in social functions.
3. They may suffer a strain on their financial budget, due to unequal hiring practices of gay individuals.
4. They may not be able to adopt, foster, or raise a family together in some states.
5. They may have to be very discreet in terms of showing affection in a public setting.
6. They may face difficulty in being by the side of their spouse during a medical emergency, in states where same-sex marriages are not recognized.
7. They may have difficulty in renting or buying a home together, due to the views of the landlord or regulations in the state in which they live.
These are some of the things that come to mind. There are so many more. I am a Christian and was brought up to believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, declared in the presence of God. I still believe that. It is hard for me to understand a homosexual relationship, because I don't have those feelings. I have however, always believed that there could be a biological explanation for the tendency of individuals to be attracted to the same sex. 
This belief stemmed from the fact that I have two cousins from two uncles, that each had a homosexual child. One was male, the other female. It was strange growing up in that environment, but I just treated them like any other cousin. I have also recently discovered that my first grandchild(now 20 years old), is also a homosexual. While I can't understand her lifestyle, I love her no less because of it.
What you write: Tell what you agree with and like about the post of my peer. Keeping in mind of my response. Make sure it is a full page.


Discussion response: Same sex marriage
Course title:
Discussion response: Same sex marriage
First, I agree with the opinion that same-sex partners can enjoy a mutual relationship as long as they are compatible in their relationship. This opinion is in line with my argument that same-sex marriage can help in reducing the divorce rate in the United States. Incompatibility in marriage is perhaps one of the causes of divorce among married couples, especially when married partners have different sexual orientations. Secondly, also agree with the argument that some states may not allow same-sex partners to adopt children. Thi...
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