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Discussion Post: The Issue Of Shelly (Essay Sample)


This is my post scholarly input in text citation and details please questions are added chapter 2 and 13 is added along with some articles take what you need. no materials pass 10 years old. put a source on each please.
UPDATE: want the writer to cover each section briefly


Discussion Post
Student’s Name
As a manager I can address the issue of Shelly by learning to communicate with her. I can tell her that I am not available by phone but I will be available by email. I should also respond to her emails immediately although this might not solve the problem. It is also very important to set boundaries. As a manager and a consultant who is dealing with multiple clients, I am not expected to be available all hours (Menendez, & Williams, 2015). I will try and talk to Shelly and explain to her that I have other clients and other commitments in my schedule. I will try and schedule a weekly phone call with her and if she agrees then I expect that she should stop calling and emailing me all the time outside the scheduled phone calls and emails
A life coach with a Christian Worldview should not allow people to invade other people’s boundaries. It is therefo

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