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Description of the Public Space: Codes of Conduct (Essay Sample)


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Description of the Public Space

I conducted an ethnographic observation in a museum where people were observing different forms of arts and most of these individuals appeared to be delighted by the displays. The reason of choosing this site for observing normative interactions is due to the fact that it attracts a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds as well as different demographic groups. In a museum, an individual is able to meet with different groups of people, including couples, friends, families, colleagues and students (Gilman, 2005). People interacted with innate things such as pointing and touching pieces of art, while others walked with their Dogs in the art rooms. In addition, in this site, people are attracted by diverse forms of arts that are on display and the place tends to be popular when there is forum or several artists are displaying their art. Furthermore, it is evident that people tend to interact regularly, especially when they have come as a group. Those who have come individually appear to be observant and tend to keenly watch and study the meaning behind each art.

Norms/Codes of Conduct

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