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Compare The Ways In Which A Deontologist, An Act-Utilitarian, And A Rule-Utilitarian Would Be Concerned With Universalizability (Essay Sample)


please make a full reference list if you use other writers' example or statement.
1. Please write a three- to four-page (double spaced, 12 point font, normal margins,
~1000 words) essay on one of the following two topics. Bring a draft of this essay to
tutorial on February 10th for workshopping. Your final essay is due in lecture on
February 17th.
2. Do NOT put your name on the paper. Instead use your Banner (B00…) number.
3. We prefer to receive hard copies in class on Feb 17.
4. Do NOT use a title page.
5. If you quote a passage from a paper we’ve read, make sure you cite the paper and the
page number. For example, if you quote a passage from page 154 of Hardin’s
“Lifeboat Ethics,” cite as (Hardin, 154). Also include a reference list at the end of the
document with all the papers you have cited (you can choose whatever format you’d
like as long as you’re consistent). A simple, acceptable example:
Hardin G. Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor. Course Textbook


Compare the ways in which a deontologist, an act-utilitarian, and a rule-utilitarian would be concerned with universalizability. Be sure to substantiate your claims with examples
Institution of affiliation
Comparison with Examples
The deontologist's ethical underpinnings emanate from deontological ethics or deontology. This ethical position judges the morality or lack thereof of a problem based on rules. Thus, a deontologist's action would be considered moral however objectionable if carried out in pursuit of one's obligations or duty CITATION Kam07 \l 1033 (Kamm, 2007). The act utilitarian conceptual basis stems from the utilitarian theory of act utilitarianism. An action is judged to be moral, if and only if, the performance of any other action would produce a similar amount of happiness. The theory argues that mankind is under two sovereigns, pain and pleasure CITATION Fie09 \l 1033 (Fieser, 2009). Where the individual actions are in pursuit of one and avoidance of the other. The act utilitarian pursues doing good for the greatest number of people. Any action that achieves this, where no other action, could have achieved such, is, therefore, moral. The rule utilitarian, follow the utilitarian theory of rule utilitarianism. Where the morality of an action is dependent on whether such an action follows the rule that leads to the greatest good CITATION All08 \l 1033 (Habib, 2008).
The paper, therefore, will seek to compare these ethical position. The paper will determine how these positions relate and apply to Universalizability. Where Universalizability questions the morality of an action. The determinant being whether the universal of such an action would enhance or demean its ethical position. Universalizability accepts the morality of any action only where the universal application of the same action would be justifiable. The paper will seek to compare the ethical positions where actions are universalized and compare the same to different theoretical positions.
The deontologist is constrained with duty and obligation as it applies to the law. An example to question the Universalizability of the ethical position would be as follow. A soldier’s duty is to protect their nation. It is the obligation and s...
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