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Democracy - Extensive System Of Governments (Essay Sample)


Compare the views of the developing world democracy with the views of the western democracy. Why does the ‘democracy’ in many parts of the developing world operate differently from that of the western world?


Essay on Democracy
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Democracy is an extensive system of governments in which people exercise power themselves or elect representatives based on their own interests to form governing bodies such as parliament. It is sometimes referred to as rules of the majority and is one of those systems that tend to resolve conflicts by mutual understanding and interaction. Democracy has nothing to do with a single force but involves the entire society or population (Hafez, 2010). In developing countries, people are not given freedom to choose or elect their political members according to their own desires or expectations. In other words, we can say that in most of the developing countries, all functions are performed under non-democratic rules. Either military rules such a state or a particular politician or political party is responsible for handling everything. For example, in Pakistan, people vote for t

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