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Democracy Discussion: Rights And Duties (Essay Sample)


What’s your view of the ongoing and/or the recent (years/decade) ‘political developments’ in several countries throughout the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world, including Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Ukraine,  and Iraq, etc.?  Discuss the 'democracy' in the developing world in light of the values of western and American democracies.


Democracy Discussion
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From the shocking floor-crossing to the Conservative government's controversial anti-terror bill, the world has seen various political developments in recent years. In the Middle East, there seems to be no concept of democracy because people here are not free to elect or choose who will rule their states. In contrast, in the United States, Europe, and Canada, people know a lot about their rights and duties, and the concept of democracy is widespread. Countries like Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Burma, Iraq, India, and Ukraine aren't as established as states like Thailand, Japan, China, Europe, the USA and Canada (Sharfman, 2014).
People in developing states are mostly illiterate and unaware of their basic rights. However, people in developed countries are highly qualified and know whom to

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