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Suicide among Adolescents in Mexico Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Option #2: How do we view death in North America? Recent years have witnessed increasing concern with the notion of death in the mass media (eg. stories about what constitutes death/brain death, euthanasia, suicide, or changing notions of bodily rituals and rites of passage surrounding death). Select three media articles about one particular issue of your choice (eg. euthanasia in Canada). These can be online or hard copies, and may include articles that you find in a newspaper or magazine, for example. A “media article” is not a scholarly article written by an academic, like a journal article. A media article is for a popular audience, so remember that your articles must be pieces of journalism. Also, they cannot be a website about suicide prevention, for instance. Once you find your articles, answer the following question in paragraph format in approximately 800-1000 words: What does this article tell us about cultural perceptions of death in North America?
You do NOT need a title page but you should include a References Cited page in APA format and, where relevant, APA citations (of the articles as well as well as the textbook). Please upload your response as a Word or PDF to the Avenue Drop Box by Oct. 30 by 11 p.m. Your response will be filtered through Note that while in-text citations count toward the word count, the bibliography does not. Please see late penalties on the syllabus.


Suicide among Adolescents in Mexico
Suicide among Adolescents in Mexico
Suicide, especially among the youths, is a global concern which continues to escalate, making it one of the most common causes of death among the youths. According to Fernández-Niño, et al. (2016), the number of deaths by suicide among Mexican youths doubled in a span of ten years, raising concerns regarding the cause and prevention measures available in Mexico. The fact that the increase in death among the youths is raising concern even among policy-makers is an indication that the issue is not taken lightly. This also illuminates further on how death is perceived in North America, with specific attention to Mexico.

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