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Culture Analysing. Chinese Tea. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Pick one cultural product from this list:
• Chinese Tea
• Maan Coffee
• Hello Kitty
• Downton Abbey
• Facebook
• Pyongyang Restaurant
Analyze the product
·Address and give examples as to how this product can be constructed and interpreted as High Culture and/or Low Culture. Indicate how the products has moved between such categories in different contexts and/or time periods, and explore why.
·Focus on the reading from the course (this is a short essay, you don’t need a lots of reference)
·Make sure you answer the question (don’t just write about stuff) have an argument!!!!!
·Do your research (research the brand, visit the shop, read the history, watch the show)
1000words, APA form


Chinese Tea
Name of Student;
Date of Submission;
Chinese Tea
Tea is made from the leaves of the cultivated tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Shennong was the first person to invent Chinese tea based on a story that he boiled water in which dried leaves fell from the Camellia tree a diffused into the boiling water to create a pot of tea. The cultivation of tea originated in south-west China, in Yunnan and Sichuan. Chinese tea is the most popular product ever since ancient times. Initially, tea was used as a ritual offering to appease the ancestors. After that, tea leaves were eaten as a vegetable or used in medicine. Lately, the tea leaves were converted into a drink hence making, Chinese tea has been seen to develop to a tourist attraction in China. Chinese tea was initially a luxurious product in line with porcelain and silk ((Storey, 2018). The above cultural product had a refreshing taste; hence, it became popular during the civilization times in China.

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