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Critical Thinking: Planning Process, Social Work Practice (Essay Sample)


Outline and discuss the major content phases of the planning process. Goals , objective, Unit of attention and strategy. Please use attached documents and also use information from social work sources. either peer review article or newspaper. 
answer this question
How do the theoretical foundations are models of strengths perspective, system theory and problem solving related to the planning process?
Use APA style, citation and references.
the documents attached are from the book (information below) make sure your citation are correctly written by the correct author and book. 
Social Work practice 
A generalist approach 
Louise C. Johnson and Steven J. Yanca
10 edition 
thank you
FIRST SECTION is the assessment, SECOND SECTION is the planning, THIRD SECTION is the questionS that need to be answer ( PLEASE USE THE INSTRUCTION PAPER PREVIOUSLY ATTACHED) . what i need is the first section write 2 pages, the second section 1 page and the third section 1 page.


Critical Thinking
Social workers rely on knowledge acquired in training and benchmarks it against models and plans for action in order to eliminate barriers and obstacles that might hinder them from performing their duties. Having a plan is helpful in managing the complexity of change process. To achieve successful change, components of the plan need to be identified and defined. The following paragraphs explore the elements of the scheme which are goals and objectives, units off attention and strategies. These components highlight the role of the social worker and the role of the client in ensuring change apparently takes place. The final bit of the paper explains the relation between planning process and theoretical foundations, a model of strength, system theory and problem-solving.
The first component of the plan of action is goals and objectives. The goal can be defined as the overall, long-range expected outcome of the endeavo...
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