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Critical Cultural issues Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Here are a few examples that you can choose from
Please try to write essay in the order of specific requirements (files uploaded later)
Sociobiological Theory
Conflict Theory
Rational Choice Theory
Social Learning Theory
Cultural Materialism
Game Theory
Critical Theory
Functionalist Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Social Phenomenological Theory


1. Start by doing this: Choose ONE theory from ^
it relates to the study of critical cultural IssueT document and show how
a. Explain the theory and show which parts of it you will relate to your topic.
b. Put the theory at the beginning of your project and refer to it throughout the project.
2. D1: Show me that you understand the dynamics of power struggles/relations within specific cultural groups and between majority/minority cultures.
a. Ideally choose similar power struggles/relations from different cultures
b. Then EXPLAIN how these struggles/relations came about/developed over time (draw your own conclusions)
c. EXPLAIN any connections to socio-economic status, religion, language, etc that may have influenced the struggles/relations, (connect to elements/functions)
d. Relate your examples back to your theory.
3. D2: Show me that you understand how historical and current policies affect cultural diversity in Canada (can you find policies related to the culture you are studying?), compare these Canadian approaches to those of other countries.
a. Choose specific examples of policies or issues and link their development/change to other cultural groups AND events within the culture/society.
b. Provide specific examples of HOW and WHY these policies/issues would affect your chosen culture.
c. Are these policies/issues positive/negative/both? Why?
d. Who or what is responsible for the policies/issues? Explain.
e. Relate your examples back to your theory.
4. D3: Design a way to address issues related to cultural groups and cultural diversity in our community.
a. Help to educate our community. Develop a simple plan to increase the cultural awareness and acceptance of your chosen culture in our community.
b. Show how your plan addresses topics from each of the units so far and link this to this project.


Critical Cultural Issues
Kelly Wang
Conflict theory is an important Marxist theory that hypothesizes the social life of the society. Conflict theorists oppose the contemporary order model of the society opposing that the system maintained by the society deviates from general unification with differing cultures, disagreements in societal values, varying economic and political standpoints. In a conflict framework, order and stability are lacking effectively setting the tone for constant societal struggles that to achieve a specific shared objective. Conflict theory is critical in understanding the society at large providing obvious and rational examples of the growing social inequalities and constant struggles of the social class. Conflict theory provides a microanalysis of the society with particular emphasis on the perspectives that illuminate on the continuous battles and healthy competition, as constitutive of standard social systems in the society.

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