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Criminal Justice: Restorative justice (Essay Sample)

Standard essay format for response to all questions (i.e. four to five paragraphs with three to five sentences per paragraph, including an introduction, middle paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph). Standard font and 12 point type size for ease of reading and grading. Must be in your own words. - Always read answers and proof for content, misspellings, and grammar. Not too much extra information is needed, they only want to make sure that you understand the question. PLEASE PLEASE only use the named book for reference. 2nd Edition--Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice--by P.J. Ortemeier (Pearson-Prentice Hall) Question to be answered is as follows: Define and discuss the purposes of restorative justice. source..
Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice
Restorative justice is a form of justice that involves reform for a crime already committed. This is done outside the formal justice system and often involves dialogue between the offender and the victim and the mediation of a facilitator, where the offender takes responsibility for the wrong done and the two parties resolve the conflict. This is mostly evident in family settings and reconciliation programs. As Ortemeier (2005) points out, law enforcers in criminal justice, from the senior in ranks to the junior have an obligation to adhere to practices which meet the high ethical standards, he further emphasizes the importance of good ethics for the justice if the department is to overcome the many challenges posed by threats and challenges of the 21st challenges.
This form of justice serves many purposes in the co...
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