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Policing In Great Britain and Canada - Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)

Instructions Write a six to nine page (1500-2250 word) essay describing multiple generations of a fictional family whose primary occupation has been policing. Your essay should start in Great Britain (including Ireland) in the first half of the 1800s and describe this family's relationship to policing over the next 200 years as the profession is taken up by each generation. At some point in your narrative the family should immigrate to Canada. Marking will be based on overall readability (including spelling and grammar), inclusion of references, and the proper integration of course material into the narrative. It must contain at least 10 footnotes to the course material and five other references to at least two journal articles on policing. I require 10 sources from course material and 2 sources from journals. I have included the instructions to this assignment directly from my assignment. source..

Policing In Great Britain and Canada
Policing did not start in this century, but it has been growing over the millennia, particularly in the nineteenth century, ever since the people felt that they needed to have some of control of what happens around them (Beattie, 2001). It brought with it the theme of justice, where those who felt they had been wronged by a certain person would report and the matter would come before the members of the community council or a family council that existed much earlier than the latter, to seek justice. Today, the system is such that the police belong to the state, but back then, even before the 1800s, the police work was done by the family members and much later by the community members. Families would produce males who most able physically, who would be charged with the role of policing the streets day and night, enforcing the bylaws in place then and curfews.
The other lot of the community members was supposed to report to this group of chosen police, whenever they were having disputes with one another, other than solving it informally in their homesteads, which more often than not ended up with serious implications, as most of the disputes ended up in fights for their perceived rights. To make sure that the families brought the wrong doers for their punishment; those families that did not oblige to exposing the wrong doers, the entire families would be punished (HYPERLINK "/search?tbo=p&tbm=bks&q=inauthor:%22Clive+Emsley%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=7"Emsley, 2009).
At the heart of Great Britain was one such family, which according to the community was blessed with the seeds of warriors. The Williams as they were called were natives on the lands, north of Montana, and their ancestry extended more than 450 years. The family belonged to the Blackfoot tribe, which by the year 1802, was estimated to have a population of about 5000 tribesmen in the north. More than 30 years later the tribe commanded more than 15,000 tribesmen, but this population decreased quite significantly due to epidemics, such as the famous smallpox, diphtheria and most of all wars at the time. History recounts that some of the tribesmen in the central of Montana vanished during this period. However, halfway through the 19th century the tribe reigned on the northern plains, south of Alberta and the north of Montana.
The name William during the time resonated pride in the minds of most of the community members (HYPERLINK "/search?tbo=p&tbm=bks&q=inauthor:%22Victor+Bailey%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=9"Bailey, 1981). It was one family that was blessed with heavily built men, most of the men were not just strong physically, but were also very wise in matters that related to living. Other the fact that they were deeply involved in matters of policing; they were also involved in hunting buffalos (HYPERLINK "/search?tbo=p&tbm=bks&q=inauthor:%22Patrick+O%27Brien%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=9" O'Bri...
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