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Crime and Punishment 3 (Essay Sample)

Instructions Write a six to nine page (1500-2250 word) essay describing multiple generations of a fictional family whose primary occupation has been policing. Your essay should start in Great Britain (including Ireland) in the first half of the 1800s and describe this family's relationship to policing over the next 200 years as the profession is taken up by each generation. At some point in your narrative the family should immigrate to Canada. Marking will be based on overall readability (including spelling and grammar), inclusion of references, and the proper integration of course material into the narrative. It must contain at least 10 footnotes to the course material and five other references to at least two journal articles on policing. I require 10 sources from course material and 2 sources from journals. I have included the instructions to this assignment directly from my assignment. source..
Crime and Punishment Name of student Name of instructor Name of institution Course Due date Crime and Punishment Michael brown was born in 1799 Glasgow town. He had two older brothers, Erick and David. His family was a close knit with grandparents living with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. His grandfather, William and grandmother, Miriam had moved from Edinburg to come live with them two years before Michael was born. His grandparents were loving people and also good story tellers. It would be an interesting and sometimes hard life. As a young man, William was one of the first men to serve as town guard in Edinburg in 1682. This is where the history of a generation of police in their family began. Michael learned of this history as young as four years. William and Miriam would narrate stories to him and his brothers often. William told of how there were no police in the early days and people used to police themselves through community groups. When Michael was one year old, his father became a police. This is when the Glasgow Police Act was passed and allowed for the formation of City of Glasgow police. The main objective was to prevent crime and secondly to detect and punish offenders where a crime was committed. Unlike today when police are well remunerated, back then the police were lowly paid as their salaries and money to support their activities came from taxation of citizens. This was at a time when economic growth had not developed much and so the citizens were cautioned from over taxation. Later though, the economy began to grow rapidly and a large population moved into towns. This saw a change in economic and social dynamics. Mr. Brown would come home in the evenings and narrate the day’s events to the family and they would all be keen. There was an increase in crime brought about by the difference between the poor and the rich. The police were having a hard time preventing the crimes. This is when his elder brother started to become intere...
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