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Create Your Own “Limits to Growth” Story (Essay Sample)



Create Your Own “Limits to Growth” Story


Objective: The purpose of this lesson is for you to demonstrate your understanding of

the “Limits to Growth” archetype using a personal example.


1. Create a “limits to growth” story based upon one of your own personal life experiences other than work. Your story must be told from the first person, “I” or “we”, perspective. Do not use an organizational issue in your company. Use the information beginning on page 101 in Senge for guidance.


2. Additionally, you must create and label a "limits to growth" causal loop diagram

that illustrates your story. Your diagram should have no more than one

reinforcing loop and one balancing loop.


3. Carefully explain the cause and effect interactions between the variables in your

causal loops.


4. Answer the following questions (in question and answer format):


a. What are the key systemic variables?

b. When is the reinforcing loop dominant?

c. What is the limiting condition?

d. What are the conditions when the balancing loop is dominant?

e. What leverage might you apply to change or improve the situation?


Create Your Own “Limits to Growth” Story
The limits to growth structure not only applies in professional life but also personal. Last year I was enthusiastic to train more on biking/ cycling and joined hands with professional cyclists to offer training. As the level of training increased and the group became more visible, there were increased enquiries from people as word spread around through word of mouth. This also generated enthusiasm among my friends who were not active cyclists but six months into the program we were overwhelmed by the number of recruits as there were limited resources to offer adequate training. By the seventh month people waited for long to enter into the program and we became overwhelmed, and the number of enquiries slowed down as were the participants. Clearly we had become overstretched and generating negative publicity.

What are the key systemic variables?
The key variables influence the system and are considered when identifying the elements that influence the system. The key variables interacting in the system are resources, reputation training capacity, participants’ numbers, trainers and the trainees. The variables all interact to produce the system, based on the assumptions that there is feedback between the self-reinforcing and the self-correcting loop.
When is the reinforcing loop dominant?
The reinforcing loop reinforces the initial action and represents...
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