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Countries Should Give Asylum To Foreign Citizens (Essay Sample)


Minimum 5 facts why I believe that countries should give asylum to foreign citizens.
The case of E.Snowden as an example.


Asylum is the protection granted by a state to someone who has left his or her home country as a refugee. Edward Snowden, a 29, year old man was greatly known as a whistleblower in the US government. Because of his actions, he became the government's greatest eyesore and thus became wanted. On his realization that he was greatly wanted by the US government, he leaves his home country which is the US and goes to seek asylum elsewhere. Following Snowden's story, it is realized that there are many reasons that make people seek asylum in other countries, and why these countries should offer asylum to foreign citizens.
First is to offer protection. People may experience different kinds of persecution in their home countries. The type of persecution may be based on the account of religion, race, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. They are therefore forced to move to other countries so as to get protection from their original home countries for fear of being persecuted. The asylum seeker thus should be treated equally with much care and concern for their lives. Political instability in their home countries may also contribute to the asylum seeking so as to protect their lives too.
Another reason that these countries need to protect foreigners seeking asylum is to protect the interests of the asylum seekers. People may

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