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Corruption and Police Deviance. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


# 9 How can you distinguish between corruption and official deviance in policing? What socialization processes support each of these? Design an in-service
training program whose chief goal is to combat the organizational processes you describe. 
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Corruption and Police Deviance
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Distinguishing Between Corruption and Police Deviance
Police deviance involves activities inconsistent with the values, ethics or norms of their accepted code of conduct. These forbidden acts cause misuse of office for some gain. It noteworthy to mention that misconduct of the police is the impropriety of their office and not a misuse of authority (Albrecht, 2017). Corruption, on the other hand, is abusing power entrusted to a police officer. This leads to a private gain for both parties, whether monetary or undue advantages or otherwise. This paper discusses the socialization issues related to police deviance and corruption, with elaborations of a training design to combat the practice.

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