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Vietnam Political Saga (Essay Sample)

Writer, please use current, reputable sources ONLY! Do not plagiarize the paper or any sources. Also, the abstract and bibliography page (as well as the title page does not count towards the 12 FULL pages. This essay need to have quality and in-depth information and supportive evidence. This essay also must present a reasoned, analytically sound, and empirically valid argument (information) - Make sure to show critical analysis as you are trying to analysis this topic in a very in-depth manner with supportive evidence. It also must show clarity and coherence. I have attached a word document with the topic and requirements. Do read the topic carefully in order to deliver a successful, "A" grade paper. Lastly, please develop an intellectual title for this topic - a title that will stand out, but also appropriate for the topic. source..

Vietnam Political Saga
The main aim of this study is to address Communism as a political ideology in Vietnam and ways in which it has affected the Vietnamese and the country at large. It shows the extent of Vietnam’s involvement in contemporary political ideologies, its political grounds presently, and the likelihood of future political developments. There is comprehensive explanation of all the aspects of communism in Vietnam and the contemporary political ideologies. These aspects include; the origin and history of communism in Vietnam, the process of its implementation, its negative and positive effects, both in the past and currently and changes of communism in the twenty first century.
Political ideology is a belief structure that justifies and explains a preferred governmental and economic order for a certain society. In the earlier days, the main components of ideological cover of the use of propaganda and political conduct for obtaining both the international and internal legitimacy may be recorded (United States, 1973). In Vietnam, such system used since the year nineteen thirty is recognized as communism. This is a political theory that was derived from Karl Marx that advocates class war, leading to a kind of society in which all the properties are publicly owned. Ho Chi Minh initiated Communism through a youth revolutionary league of Vietnam that was referred to as ThanhNien. In addition, ThanhNien was formed to organize the platform for radical armed struggle in opposition to the French occupation. Presently, the contemporary political ideologies have changed due to modernization and the practices that were performed earlier only exist in a few countries and historical books. Find herein, the political foundations of communism in Vietnam, its effects upon the Vietnamese, and the way it has changed in the contemporary world of the twenty first century. Moreover, there is an assessment of communism in comparison with other political ideologies and the relationship between social democracy and communism in Vietnam.
The History of Communism
A man known as Ho Chi Minh, before the commencement of Vietnamese War., first introduced Communism in China. Vietnam was a French colony and it was part of Indochina. Ho Chi Minh together with his Viet government, had practiced communists fought in opposition to the French, which led to the defeat of French in the year nineteen fifty four. This finally led to the conference of Geneva that resulted to independence of Vietnam from France. Vietnam was then split into the South and North, by the seventeenth parallel of Geneva Accords. Communism was not immediately embraced in Vietnam as for quite some time, communism only swung between the ‘Vietnam’ and ‘Indochina’ alternatives. The first units of communists was founded in the year nineteen twenty five and bore the Vietnam nature, but the official party was founded...
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