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Conservatives And Liberals: International Relations Of The US (Essay Sample)


Identify differences in philosophical themes between conservatives and liberals in viewing international relations of the US. Assess the reality/unreality of the differences reflecting in the US foreign and security policy. Discuss your views based on at least one example/s.


Conservatives and Liberals
Conservative and Liberals
In the United States, citizens are classified based on the ideologies of conservatism and liberalism. In conservatism, tradition is favored and any radical change in society is approached critically. Liberalism on the other hand, promotes the idea of freedom and equality for all particularly on economic freedom. Given that the two ideologies differ in definition, it also implies that the views on international relations also differ.
In regards to the international relations, liberals believe that they can achieve much as far as the world is concerned. Their view of the world is expansive and due to this, they see themselves as the necessary force for doing good and causing change. For this reason, they readily advocate for helping other countries that could be in need. In contrast, the conservatives are more restrained,

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