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Comparison Matrix Paper (Essay Sample)


Empirical research is the foundation to scholarly research and scholarly writing. An empirical article is defined as one that presents original research conducted or personally observed by the author(s). The articles you select will include the following elements: a description of the study, an introduction, a research question, the sample populations, an explanation of the study’s methodology, a presentation of the results of the study, and a conclusion that discusses the results and suggests topics for further study. This assignment will help you locate and identify empirical research studies. Two articles • The first empirical article will be related to trait theory. • The second article will be related to skills theory. Directions: Write a paper of 825 words in which you compare the two empirical articles. The paper will include the following elements: Introduction (100 words) 1. The title of each study 2. The author of each study 3. Comparison of the purposes of each study 4. Comparison of the authors’ statements of why the study is important 5. Comparison of the research questions posed in the studies Research Questions (125 words) 1. Comparison of the research questions posed in the studies Sample Populations (100 words) 1. Comparison of the sample populations used in the studies Results (225 words) 1. Comparison of the results of the studies Conclusion (200 words) 1. Discussion of the limitations of the studies 2. Comparison of the conclusions from the studies 3. Comparison of topics suggested for future study 4. APA style



Comparison Matrix Paper

The topics of trait and skill theories have limited attention from scholars and practitioners in sociology. However, Gehrig (2007) made a publication called “Applying Traits Theory of Leadership to Project Management”. In comparison, Germain (2012) completed a publication called “Traits and Skills Theories as the Nexus between Leadership and Expertise: Reality or Fallacy?” The latter publication had a purpose of investigating the extent of convergence in leader and expert characteristics (if it is possible) hence, its significance was to understand human dynamics in organizations. The former publication intended to establish if project leadership required a fundamental set of traits, use Meyers-Briggs to identify the personality types, and had a significance of advising employers about the outcome of the study. This paper compares the two aforementioned articles by focusing on their research questions, sample populations, results, and conclusions.
Description of the Studies and Methodologies
Germaine (2012) discusses the trait theory in the entire paper by breaking the theoretical framework into traits theory and expertise, focus on expertise traits theory, and leadership. The author further discusses the nexus between leadership and expertise by highlighting the four characteristics of experts and leaders. In comparison, Gehrig (2007) discusses the skills theory by reviewing the theory of leadership, project leadership traits, and the Myer-Briggs indicator. In terms of the methodology, Germaine (2012) made an empirical publication after reviewing evidence provided from different studies while Gehrig (2007) used both questionnaires and evidence from other studies. It is clear that the authors used different techniques in terms of their methodologies.
Research Questions
Gehrig (2007) used the purpose of the study as a source of direction in the entire study...
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