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PART C: Community Assessment and Analysis (Essay Sample)


Apply a theory to the community (choose one of the four theories we explored in more depth in class: systems, power/dependency, ecological, historical trauma).
Briefly describe the theory.
Describe how the theory explains the conditions or circumstances of the community and/or perhaps the decisions or changes that the community is implementing. Be sure to give concrete examples to illustrate your points.
Apply a model of change, or a blend of the models you think most apply (choose of the four models of change we explored in more depth in class: social planning, social action, locality development, transformative).
Briefly describe the core tenets of the model(s).
Describe how the model(s) describe the community’s approach to leveraging strengths and addressing issues. Be sure to give concrete examples to illustrate your points
NOTE : My community assesst mappaing population is sibling placed together in foster care /kinship care .
Theory is family system theory .


Part C: Community Assessment and Analysis- Sibling placed together in foster care /kinship care
The family system theory highlights that the family is an operation system and individuals are best understood as part of a family, which is an emotional unit. (Priest, 2015) In conceiving the family as a system, there is an assumption that a family constitutes a unit, so we cannot reduce it to the sum of the characteristics of the members since there are mutual interactions.
The theory emphasizes interaction and the establishment of order to a rules and search purpose, where there is a stable environment. This is relevant since the family structures, dynamics, boundaries and communication influence interactions and how people behave (Pfefferbaum, Pfefferbaum & Van Horn, 2014). The power relations in foster care /kinship care also different than in a parental care. The foster environment care may be better for the child, but even then all members influence the nature of the system, but the foster parents exercise more power and influence. Relationships between members depend on the rules that influence

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