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7-1 & 7-2 Comments: Women's Substance Abuse Treatment (Essay Sample)


there are four students comments make each about 75 words for 7-1 there is Louis and Stephanie for 7-2 there is Jacqueline & Gail all substance comments with a in text citation for each.


7-1 & 7-2 Comments
7-1 & 7-2 comments
7-1 Louis
I concur that a counselor needs to keep in mind that what works for one person might not apply to the other. Counseling a mom or wife should be different from a husband or a dad. The way a mom or a wife responds to problems is different from husband or dads. For instance, a wife can use self-medication to forget her problems, unlike a husband while the husband might use self-medication to avoid connecting with other emotionally. Gender responsive addiction treatment and family involvement are important, especially for women's substance abuse treatment (Friedman, 2013).
It is true that men and women should be treated differently. Women respond to treatment differently compared to men. Women hide their addiction to avoid social stigma. The biological structure of women is different from men they metabolize drugs differently. Women tend to respond positively to counseling compared to men. Women need to be handled softly and gently because they tend to fight stigma compared to men who view drinking as a public norm, men need a forceful type therapy compared to women (Crossroad, 2017).
7-2 Jacqueline
I agree that substance abuse can easily cause domestic violence; substance abuse treatment programs are more sophisticated and diverse. A comprehensive assessment helps in addressing issues that influence the client's patterns of substance abuse. It is important to address domestic violence during treatment because substance abuse and domestic violence intersect in negatively (Flanzer, 1993). Staff depends on the perception that one goal needs to be the focus of treatment; excluding other issues forms the treatment process is not effective. The counselor needs to approach the issue carefully because someone who has suffered at the hands of a partner he trusted might not have enough courage to seek for help (Treatment Improvement Protocol, 1997).
Most psychiatric patients might have experienced trauma combined with SUD can be caused by abuse and other negative experiences hence these people are sensitive to stress. Obtaining information about life trauma during treatment is vital (Treatment Improvement Protocol, 1997). Approaching such issues need careful consideration to understand the nature of the trauma and the impact on client social life to incorporate all the relevant information when offering counseling services. The treatment process should be person-centered emphasizing on an all-inclusive wellness therapy instead of focusing on symptoms of mental illness (Flanzer, 1993).
Crossroad, (2017). How Addiction Can Affect Women ...
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