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Students Comments 7-1 & 7-2: Study of Therapeutic Change (Essay Sample)


there are two sets of differents comments on students post for 7-1 and 7-2 the students for 7-1 are Shahna and jenny 7-2 students are Jenny and Derdre in text citation on all details please no material pass 10 years schollary comments I will send materials in the morning that I think you might will need


Students Comments 7-1 & 7-2
7-1 Question
It's true that when the counselor seems to be working hard that the client during sessions, this is one of the red flags indicating client resistance. The fact that the client cannot understand the objective of therapy and cannot isolate the problem from specific people, place and even times shows resistance (Mitchell, 2006). I agree with the five suggestions of overcoming client resistance, including determining the therapy objectives. Avoid rushing through the process, take time to understand the client needs. Probe more using the Columbo technique and show empathy (American Psychological Association, 2017). Deal with some of the resistance like fear and deal with it head on. It's good to note that those with SUD will be the force to be in therapy by the court system or parent or spouses naturally they will not be motivated to change (American Psychological Association, 2017).
I concur that some of signs of resistance are protests and unwillingness to speak. Body language also shows resistance when clients sit back in the chair with folded arms or crossed legs (Arkowitz, Miller & Rollnick, 2015). To overcome resistance animal assisted therapy (AAT) can help. The counselor can bring a pet in the room, the client's mood will change, and he can easily talk (Arkowitz, Miller & Rollnick, 2015).
7-2 question
Referring to authors, including Scott D. Miller, Barry L. Duncan, Jeb Brown, Ryan Sorrell, and Mary Beth Chalk of the Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change in Chicago provides good insights on how to keep clients on track (Okun & Kantrowitz, 2014).These include outcome rating scale and session rating scale. These authors believe that early rating like progress determines the treatment outcome. The two tools provide clients with the desire to achieve the treatment goal. As indicated by the authors, questionnaires can be misleading; therefore, the counselor needs to count on his instinct and experience and his willingness and eagerness to achieve the treatment goals (Okun & Kantrowitz, 2014).
It is true that t

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