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Comments of Students: Lapeesine, Amy and Bruce (Essay Sample)


Three students comments professor wants to know what do are book which Is klott has to say about the question Laphermie, and Bruce used klott look at order which is 4-1 all articles you can use and even the students. I think it is chapter 6 which is also in the order in which I just gave. The three students are Lapeesine, Amy and Bruce all comments must be substailly, in text citations not materials pass 10 years old. make each comment about 90 words each. I have added chapter 6 our book Klott and the students post with the question.


Comments of Students
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Laphenie states that one of the best and most amazing counseling techniques from the course textbook is working directly with people who have depressive disorders. They need timely treatment and medications so there should be no delays in this regard. A person with bipolar disorder should always be treated in an inpatient setting as it can ensure fast recovery and the provision of quick and instant treatment, whenever needed. The quality of an integrated intervention purely depends on how accurate the diagnosis is and how effective the medications are. Each case should be evaluated separately because no two patients can have the same disorder so that they might require different sets of medications or treatment options (Beck Institute for CBT, 2016).
According to Amy, there is a strong need to educate patients regarding the severity of their diseases. For instance, any person with a bipolar disorder should be told what type of medications or treatment options would be the best for him. A therapist has to

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