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Comments On Posts: Mental And Substance Diseases (Essay Sample)


I need a comment on each student post it has to be a substantial in-text citation and a reference please answer according to the student post on their research. no materials older than 10 years it is too old. You can use the student's references seem like they all got good ones. the order is 1-1 which you are making comments on that material can be used for this order and I send you what my professor said about how you answered my post of 1-2 which you did, stop sending me bad work, please.


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Joseph Dunbar writes in his post that most patients receive treatments for only a single disease while healthcare professionals ignore their other illnesses. As a result, their chances of developing various psychological and mental diseases become higher. Unfortunately, there is a lack of early detection and reliable treatment options, but states are still trying to cope up with the issue. The medical professionals must come forward and work in collaboration with NGOs for the welfare and betterment of humanity. Meanwhile, the costs of therapies, treatments, and medicines need to be reduced to an extent (SAMHSA, 2016).
Elizabeth Kimes believes that integrated approaches are capable of addressing mental disorders and the substance diseases that are often ignored by doctors and nurses. With the help of these approaches, we would be able to provide patients with sufficient medical facilities and therapies, according to the nature

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