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Comments on 7-1 & 7-2 Post, Changes in my Body, Culture (Essay Sample)


there is one comment on professor question of 7-1 which is provided and there are 4 four comments on students 7-2 post which the question is provided and the students are Jenny,Jasmine, Sandra and Stephanie all must have in text citations a reference page comments must be substantially there should be a total of 5 comments in details please


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October 26, 2016
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Question 7-1
As I grow older, I notice lot of physical changes in my body such as a lowering of the timbre of my own voice and a spurt of some (one or two) white hairs in my head. Some of the things that do age successfully include focusing on my career and maintaining my health. As according to Rohn (n.d.), “The major key to your better future is you”.
Question 7-2
I totally agree with your idea that grand-parenting can differ from different cultures. For some cultures in the world, the idea of just living your life to the fullest and not thinking about any responsibilities is their main priority. For others taking care of their grandkids gives them a sense of satisfaction, such as the case of Filipinos CITATION Phind \l 1033 (, n.d.).
Financial constraint is indeed one of the greatest obstacles for grandparent who takes care of their own grandchildren. What you’ve said about grandparent stepping-in to take care of their own grandchildren is really true in most cases, and sadly, it is beca...
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