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comments on 6-1 four of them & 2 of 6-1 (Essay Sample)


there are 4 comments to be answered on the questions 6-1 of students and 2 of 6-2 questions which the questions for 6-1 and 6-2 are differents a total of 6 comments due in 4 days


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Comments on Question 6-1
Helena's Comment: Helena relates the development of positive or negative ethnic identity in people of color to the existence of racial consciousness and a sense of ethnic identity development. She states that physical characteristics such as skin color, hair texture, and facial features help people to understand the ethnic groups that they identify with. Helena also provides an important source (Turner, n.d.) that stresses her major point highlighting the psychological importance of ethnic identity among ethnic minority groups and its subsequent attribution to discrimination and differentiation often experienced by these minority groups. However, Helena does not provide a substantive example which shows how early personal experiences influence the positive or negative ethnic identity in people of color.
Angela's Comment: Angela relates the question to her explanation quite well. She gives the example of a Japanese-American woman who has a completely distorted view on her ethnic identity probably from her early age having lived in the United States. The woman in Angela's case openly denies being linked to the Japanese culture and asserts that she belongs to the American White culture (Skowron, 2004). However, the woman later meets fellow Japanese/Asian counterparts in campus at the University of California. It is at this point in time that the woman starts appreciating her Japanese culture. Angela also provides a suitable source for her work.
Jessica's Comment: Jessica starts off very well by highlighting how early experiences of racism on children can set the tone for the rest of their lives and how they even view other ethnic groups. She states that children who have had negative influences about themselves and the color of their skin can have deleterious effects and even grow with resentments towards other ethnic groups. Jessica goes on to provide a well-suited source (Pachter & Coll, 2009, para. 5) as well as an example with regard to visible racial/ethnic disparities in maternal and child health and other health care ser...
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