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Comments on 2-1 & 2-2: Counselling, Carra Ward, Sabrina Tolson (Essay Sample)


I need substantial comments on all 5 post there are four questions on 2-1 with in text citations and one question on 2-2 please with in text citation with a reference pager. nee Tuesday July 26


2-1 Carra Ward
Different people have different experiences and interact with environment differently. This means that, while the problems they face may be similar in nature, there are different experiences associated with them relative to the unique responses (Fonseca, Gilchrist, & Torrens, 2012). As Carra indicates in the post, it is crucial that the members of the counselling group understand that, whatever it is they are experiencing is something that other people have also had a chance to experience. As such, they should not feel alone in their suffering and emotional pain (Washton, 2016).
2-1 Bethanne
Feeling accepted in the group has a very intricate effect on the members. This is to mean that, the members feel that they fit in within the social constraints of the group. They are able to identify with other people that have had the same experience (Alcohol Rehab, 2016). This also works to enhance their self-worth relative to the fact that they have a chance to speak freely and listen to other people’s experiences.
2-1 Sabrina Tolson
When dealing with patients that have been diagnosed with ADHD and other hyperactive disorders, it is crucial that the members are accustomed to specific durations and frequencies. This means that the various interventions have to have specific start and stop times (Fonseca, Gilchrist, & Torrens, 2012). This will allow enough time for the interventions to have positive outcomes but not too much that the members get distracted (Mercer, 2016).
2-1 Mary
According to Mary, it is crucial for the counselor to create the therapeutic atmosphere to assist the group to reach their goals. This helps the members to be more receptive of one another and yields a sense of belonging (Summit Behavioral Health, 2016).
* To assist persons with drug addiction as I have in the past struggled with addiction
* To develop in-depth skills in understanding the various challenges people face with the social networks and how to improve relations (Alcohol Rehab, 2016)
* To achieve academic growth in the field as a basis for my professional career in counselling
Alcohol Rehab,. (2016). Setting Goals for Treatment. Alcohol Rehab. Retrieved 25 July 2016, from
Fonseca, F., Gilchrist, G., & Torrens, M. (2...
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