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Comments 8-1 & 8-2 Answers To Probes Questions (Essay Sample)


This is 8-1 and 8-2 my comments chapter 7 is added with the questions, and article you can add another of you own. I need in text citations I need you to be very detailed at least 150 words on one question the other questions 125 I need in text citations need in 10 days


Answers to Probes
Date of submission
8-1: Suppose you are a therapist and have been working with the McCarthy family, you have helped the family identify some of its dysfunctional, addiction-centered family rituals. You are now approaching the end of treatment and want to help the family think about some recovery rituals that will help them to consolidate treatment gains and support their ongoing recovery. What are six creative family rituals that might be appropriate suggestions for this purpose and tell what function you think these rituals could serve for the family?
Family rituals in substance abuse disorder therapy entail activities that are done in groups or as a family to say goodbye, express emotional beliefs, maintain improvement, uniting people, and define relationships among others. To consolidate the treatment gains that is geared towards the support of ongoing recovery, therapists should engage creatively in family rituals such as;
Participating in recovery events such as picnics, workshops, and concerts usually unit the whole family together with the patient to enhance recovery. This is accomplished when the client forgets about the painful memories of addiction and acquires new and joyful memories. Besides, the client usually feels part of the family which erases his or her moments of isolation (Lewis, Dana & Blevins, 2014). Secondly, the family should engage the client in gardening or other social activity with sober people. Similarly, this encourages the addict to engage in gardening with others or attending community service at free time minimize his or her time that would otherwise be spent lon

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