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This is a very simple assigment you only need to make a comment (half page each) of two discussion posted by my classmates. I will upload the 2 discussions for you. Thank you so much source..
Name Course number Instructor`s name Date Comment 1 The research conducted over the past decades on the positive correlation between the media and violent behavior is needful. It is true that the amount of time spent watching television shows and playing video games exhibiting violence increases the viewer`s aggression.This is in appreciation of the fact that violent themes in the media trigger aggressive feelings and thoughts that are stored in one`s memory. Continued exposure to such violent media adds violent data in the memory.The aggressive behavior seems to result when the viewer detects similar threatening situations and retrieves an automated response from the memory. In my opinion, the reason why research indicates a difference in the responses or behavior between children who watch violent television shows and those who don`t is because both groups absorb different kinds of information and hence enhance different memory modules. Comment 2 The school of thought that the media may not be the leading cause of violent behavior and that other factors such as personality, genetics, socioeconomic status, the type of neighborhood one grows in, and how the violent acts are presented in the media are responsible is valid. However, it is important to note that the mind always absorbs all the information presented through the sensory mechanism. This serves to indicate that there are different sources of violent triggers and the media is one of the most important trigger in the contemporary technologically advanced world. The media is a crucial influence among the children and youth due to its attrac...
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