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Colombian and Mexican drug Organizations (Essay Sample)


International drug trafficking organizations
What is the relationship between Colombian and Mexican drug organizations? Why is it so difficult for the governments of these two respective nations to wipe out the drug trade?
Each assignment response needs to be 2-3 pages with APA 6th ed citations and references. Do Not Use MLA or any other form of referencing. All Assignments need to be uploaded as a Word Doc attachment as well. You also need 5-7 references, 5 is the minimum.


International drug trafficking organizations: Colombian and Mexican drug organizations
Relationship between Colombian and Mexican drug organization
Even though, Columbian drug traffickers have become less powerful over time, there has been increased relationship with Mexican drug cartels. Colombia has long been a source of production for cocaine, but unlike the 1980’s Mexican cartels have become more dominant as the U.S stepped efforts to fight against the Colombian drug trade (Lyman, 2013). Recently, Mexico has dominated narco trade through control of the distribution chain, drug trafficking and trade. With the growth of the Mexican drug cartels, there criminal groups have increased there reach in Central America, while focusing on improving distribution strategies and linking with supply points. Even though, the Mexican drug cartels rely on the hierarchy model, integration with Colombian drug traffickers has followed a more decentralised system where individual cells that focus on money laundering networks and wholesale distribution (Lyman, 2013).
The hierarchical models of organized crime help to understand the nature of global drug trafficking involving Columbian and Mexican drug cartels. Unlike earlier times, there have been economic relationships as the basis for organized structure of crime. Hence, the cooperating between Columbian drug cartels and Mexican drug cartels. The main goal of organized crime is power and profit, and this is an incentive for criminals to engage in drug trafficking. Economic cooperation has between the two groups has become more prominent as the drug cartel seek to increase their foothold in international drug trade. According to Fox (2012), Colombian cartels have the capacity to deal with drugs in Central America, while Mexican cartels buy from the Colombians as they are producers and middlemen in the drug chain.
Difficulties in eradicating the drug trade
In Colombia, the FARC guerrilla fighters are deeply entrenched in the rural economy and coca has been a major source of revenue for the rural communities and rebels. The left wing fighters in Colombia rely on drug money to buy weapons. Even though, the drug kingpins in the Colombian drug trade lived lavishly, the political cause has been a major factor as to why it has been difficult to stop drug ...
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