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Coaching Philosophy- Motivation (Essay Sample)


This is a 2 part paper first part is to create a coaching philosophy that should include Lens on what motivates change in an individual, awareness/alignment of values and objectivity and is it clear and concise it is in the instructions about 75 to 100 words on that 700 or 750 words on part 2 which is reflect on your philosophy describe the following there are 4 questions there are a lot of articles take what you need details please scholarly input in text citations with reference page.


Coaching Philosophy
Institutional Affiliation
Coaching Philosophy
As far as coaching is concerned, it is essential to note that motivation plays a critical role and should be leveraged to facilitate successful coaching. To this end, successful coaching requires identifying and nurturing the correct motivations for individuals in order to ensure they can effectively strive for their goals continually even in the face of obstacles. According to Lens, Future Time Perspective significantly affects motivation among individuals, with individuals possessing a long future time perspective demonstrating greater motivation towards their goals and more consistent dedication. To this end, my coaching philosophy focuses on helping individuals create a detailed and long future time perspective (Simons, Vansteenkiste, Lens, & Lacante, 2004). Through this, individuals can attain higher levels of motivation seeing as they are aware and more enlightened about how their present actions and motivation affects the attainment of their eventual goals. In essence, my coaching philosophy focuses on helping individuals create a long future time perspective based on their interests as a means of increasing their motivation and facilitating their eventual success.
Motivation plays a critical role in helping individuals attain persistence and dedication to their goals. In essence, motivation works well to ensure that individuals can consistently move towards their goals. Taking this into consideration, the nature of motivation also greatly influences how well individuals can remain motivated and committed to their goals. In this regard, the most effective kind of motivation to inspire among individuals is internal-positive motivation (Maxwell & Bachkirova, 2010). This kind of motivation leverages the innate desires, challenges, and passions of an individual. Consequently, my coaching philosophy focuses on ensuring that I can help individuals identify and/or develop internal-positive motivation with respect to their interests and their associated goals. By connecting these two aspects, this coaching philosophy helps ensure that the coaching in itself serves as a guide to helping an individual identify their goals and remain committed to them; which is what it is meant to achieve. At the same time, it helps prevent change and motivation based on external factors such as the opinions of others, which is instrumental to creating lasting and fulfilling change within an individual.
As far as the work of Willy Lens is concerned, Future Time Perspective (FTP) can be a significant and influential tool in shaping how individuals behave (Lens, Paixão, Herrera, & Grobler, 2012). This is because creating a long FTP can positively influence present actions by helping individuals

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