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Co-Occurring Treatment and Recovery Chart (Essay Sample)


There are 6 questions that need to be answered on the chart please do so in details order 00067201 and 00067172 articles may help you these assessments all go together or they are related to one another. I have added the instruction with the 6 questions. There are 7 column across and 4 down. Take what you need from the documents I still need to send you some DSM5 pages.


Topic 3: Co-Occurring Treatment and Recovery Chart
Description or definition of strategy
Key concepts and brief definitions
Strategy's purpose/use in working with clients with co-occurring disorders
Overall successful outcome(s) looks like?
How the strategy is used in various treatment settings
How the strategy aids in recovery
Motivational Interviewing (Stages of change)
The client-centered counseling technique supports self-determination to help client develop appropriate goals and meet psychological needs.
There is no motivation o change as client is unaware of problem.
Client is aware of the problem he/she considers doing something but has not committed to take action.
Taking action and attempting to change.
Client actively modifies their behavior, environment and experience to overcome the problem.
The client engages in new behavior and consolidates gains from the previous stages
Motivational interviewing sessions are potentially useful to promote behavior change.
Client is unaware or problem denies problem or is unwilling to change.
Client recognizes the need for change, and they may consider whether to change or not.
Preparation to make changes including considering the advantages and disadvantages of change.
Successful alteration of the behavior for up to six months.
The aim is to prevent relapse and consolidating gains made during action.
The Four Processes of Motivational Interviewing are:
* Engaging
* Focusing
* Evoking
* Planning
Raises awareness to facilitate change as the client is motivated.
Focus on the need for change and the benefits of this.
Evaluating the pros, cons and possible solutions.
Therapeutic alliance with client to facilitate treatment and improve health outcomes.
After acquiring new skills, the client maintains change and assistance from substances.
Helps to promote psychological need for competence, and client is involved in decision making. (CSAT, 2005
The client contemplates change
There is commitment to change as the client shows intention to take action
Client shows willingness and determination to make changes and take action.
The client is more proactive taking action and there is improvement and support from close family members.
There will be low risk of relapsing.
MI helps in understanding substance misuse and relapse (Nicholls et al., 2014).
Facilitating change through movement from resistance to taking action and maintaining health behaviors.
Provider or counselor encourages the client to consider the benefits and risks of change.
Helps to reinforce the reasons for change and new ones are explored to improve outcomes.
Helps client change and pressure is not applied as this affects he likelihood of the changes being a success.
There is focus on altering behavior in the long-term and client is referred to the treatment enter to

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