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Class, Status & Social Mobility Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


SOC 215 Class, Status & Social Mobility
This course studies the investigation of social differentiation, the influence of this differentiation upon behavior, and the study of social mobility patterns and the effects of this mobility.
Instructions for the project
This course assignment will define social differentiation. It will then apply this concept to a specific consumer with whom you worked. The concept of social differentiation will be applied the diagnosis, treatment, and follow services. The paper will compare this real consumer with a consumer with different social differentiation and project the impact of the services on the fictitious consumer.
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Class, Status, and Social Mobility
Due Date
Class, Status, and Social Mobility
Social differentiation distincts individuals as well as social groups based on factors such as biological as well as socio-economic differences. Such distinctions allocate an individual or group different roles as well as status within the society, resulting in inequality, stratification, ideologies alongside power differentials. There are different kinds of differentiations, namely, segmentary, functional, stratificatory, amongst others. Social differentiation always leads towards social stratification, for instance, the existing differences between males and females influence the nature of treatment accorded to them (Destin and Debrosse, 2017).
The Social society structure always provides for high levels of inequality that is transferrable from one generation to another. However, it is also characterized by social rift economically and culturally. Such rifts exist between different classes since individuals are born into their class. However, social mobility could easily create an opportunity that allows some people to attain a higher level class or, in some instances, fall much below their standards. The concept of stratification is based on such premises as power, which refers to one’s ability to impose authority on others, prestige that refers to the existing respect from others, and property, which is a form of wealth (Destin and Debrosse, 2017).

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