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Reducing health risks to cardiovascular disease (Essay Sample)

Reducing health risks to cardiovascular disease An essay that addresses an area of health psychology, increases patient adherence to medical advice – the goal is to attempt to solve a specific problem. Address the following: Specific techniques or strategies implemented. Include some (bullets) in the essay. Minimum of two outside references or other resources for evidentiary support which may include the textbook or assigned readings. APA style source..

Reducing health risks to cardiovascular disease

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Cardiovascular diseases are diseases that are related to the heart and they include stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis and many others. Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of preventable deaths all over the world therefore there is a need to reduce the risk factors that encourage their continual spread. These risk factors for cardiovascular disease include cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, poor nutrition, tobacco use, physical inactivity etc. Some of these risk factors can be controlled while others like older age, family history, post-menopausal, race, and sex cannot be controlled (Maddox, 2012).
Ways to reduce health risks
There are several ways through which one can reduce the overall risk of developing coronary heart diseases and these include;
Taking healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle can reduce a person’s risk of heart diseases, heart attacks, and stroke; conditions that lead to heart disease including high cholesterol (Yih, n.d)
Performing physical activities e.g. regular exercise for more than 30 minutes a day.
Controlling blood pressure
Limiting intake of alc...
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